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Concrete PadsBuy one now!

Contact the club regarding your own concrete pad and reserve your spot forever, very affordable and the club has a good deal for you but we need you to enquire now

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Club Points2015~2016

FINAL POINTS! - All cars welcome including Circuit Cars and Street Machines as long as you have a current WOF, REGO or current log book. Put the Pedal to the Metal and smoke up the bags!

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PrizegivingALL WELCOME

Come Along to the Clubs End of Season & Prizegiving bash 25th June 7:30PM, just $25 gets you a great night with cool band and plenty of Drag racing personalities. Race Dates for the coming season are out as well

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Hot RodsMusclecars

MUSCLECARS AND HOTRODS is what the club was built on and welcomes any visitors! Bring your Muscle out to the track and you don't have to worry about speeding tickets!

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IHRA - NZDRA Announcement

Our members have voted to sanction with IHRA, and our members voted to sign on for the three year period, which is the same timeframe as Meremere Dragway Inc did.

Although we have chosen to remain with IHRA, we have offered NZDRA the opportunity to “harvest” point at our two national rounds, on 25 October (Labour weekend) and on 24 January, and we are awaiting their reply.

As it has been for the past four years, all NZDRA licence holders are welcome to come and race with us, and they will be treated with respect, as they all have been in the past.

Todd Stevenson
Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club Inc
4 June 2015
Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club
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