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Race what you Bring! Anyone can race, WOF & Rego unless you have a Tech Inspection. Bikes, Cars, Trucks, Vans, Utes and Coupes, Test your vehicle and skill!

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Dragsters visit the club as well as our local and Southern drivers to turn on some action, come to the next meeting!

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PBDRC has some of the fastest cars and Bikes in New Zealand and they are getting faster all the time!

Street Series

The street series is always competitive and full of various models of cars, you can join in too and have some fun

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The Ruapuna Raceway Park neighbours have, in recent years, been objecting to the noise made at the Park.
And as Lessees of the Park, The Canterbury Car Club has had to answer those objections, and sort a solution that works both for the Park, and for the neighbours and mitigate the noise. As part of that process, sound monitors will be installed at the Park over by the Speedway track. Drag racing will be monitored against a 95dB noise level, as will the Formula 5000 race cars. All other race cars will be restricted to 90dB.
As part of the process, the Canterbury Car Club incurred significant legal and sound engineering costs.
As a result of those costs, the Canterbury Car Club has no choice but to increase charges to all users of the Park in the coming season. And as a result of that, The Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club will also have no choice but to increase charges to racers and spectators in the coming season. At this stage we are attempting to find the balance between covering the increased charges and not making racing prohibitively expensive for participants.
¿En qué parte del entorno se dividirá cada parte de su aire acondicionado? La elección del entorno variará según la necesidad de cada persona, pero al elegir el entorno donde se instalará su aire acondicionado Split el primer cuidado y lo más importante es, nunca instalar el Split donde las tuberías del equipo interfieran con la red eléctrica, el agua o las aguas residuales. Ténicos montar sistemas de climatizacion. Instalación aire acondicionado split en Santander. Precio colocación multisplit. No seas terco, la posibilidad de varios problemas a lo largo del tiempo es enorme, ¡así que evítalo! Observa bien qué pared de este entorno recibe demasiado sol, este será tu gran villano si instalas tu Split en él.
Our race dates for the coming season are close to being finalised and will be announced shortly.

Todd Stevenson President
Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club
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