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IHRA National Series

“JANUARY 26TH 2014 is when the IHRA National Series comes South with all the good stuff! I am sure we will see you all there along with the regular drivers and the newer drivers wanting a run.”
Nationals are here
“If you are new and want to race then just turn up before well before the racing starts and get scrutineered at the shed in the middle and then wait for the street cars get called up then enjoy! It really is that simple! Make sure you have a current WOF and Rego as it will be checked!”
New Street Drivers

Race Dates

  • 2013 Race Dates:
  • 26 October Test & Tune
  • 27 October North vs South Outlaws
  • 16 November K McInroe Challenge
  • 17 November K McInroe Challenge
  • 2013 Race Dates:
  • 2014 Race Dates:
  • 26 Jan Southern Nats IHRA Series
  • 09 February Comp Meeting
  • 01 March Comp meeting
  • 30th March Comp meeting
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