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Street Cars and Bikes

Your Civil Drivers Licence is needed and you must produce this before you can race. (No affiliation fees or Sportsman Licence needed) Please check the rules below for any updates before you come racing just in case. Street cars and Bikes with WOF and Registration do not need a Tech Inspection unless they run faster than the required time which is sub 11 seconds, 10.999 or faster. If your vehicle doesn't have a WOF or Reg then you can arrange for a Tech Inspection on the day, this is not always available so please check first. Cars must have an overflow bottle for your radiator if you have a radiator. You need 2 return springs on all carburetor cars. If running Street style slicks then make sure you have legal tread depth, Street cars must run DOT approved slicks. Please wear long sleeves, long pants and closed footwear plus have an approved crash helmet

Get some speeding tickets that won't lose your licence!
IHRA rules apply.
The winter Series is a great time for new drivers to come and try drag racing as it is a very low key affair. All newcomers are welcomed no matter what you drive or ride. Street cars just need Rego and WOF and a radiator overflow bottle, drivers just need a civil licence and approved crash helmet, long sleeve shirt and long pants or overalls. DOT approved slicks are OK.

This stands for Dial Your Own and allows totally different cars to compete and takes into consideration of your cars ability. When you start the day you have some practice/qualifying runs to see what your car can do in the 1/4 then you will be asked to place a "Dial in Time" on your car. This means if you ran around the 15 second mark then you might chose 14.9 Dial in. Now when you go to race you try and get as close to this time without going faster, (Breakout). If you have dialed in well and run to your time it comes down to your reaction time (RT) off the lights, these count down 3 yellows then you go on green. A perfect reaction time is 0.000 of a second, a good reaction would be something under 0.200. In DYO format you race against the clock as well as the other car and it starts when the green light comes on in your lane. The DYO time is the total time from when the Green light comes on until you cross the finish.

Reaction Time (RT) & Elapsed Time (ET)
The reaction time is not added to your Elapsed Time (ET) over the 1/4 as your ET starts when you break the staging lights. this is a beam of light that detects your wheels and once you move off the line your ET starts. All of this is printed on a ticket and handed to you after each race, it also includes a 60ft time and a half track time. This way you can test n tune your car at each meeting to try and get the best out of it. More fun than a dyno!

If you Lose
You can stay racing against anyone else who was knocked out in the "Grudge" class which means you line up when ever and race whoever is beside you so if 2 of you want to race each other then line up together, simple. This actually means anyone can get anywhere from around 8 - 15 runs in a day!

Please obey some rules.
Animals, alcohol or smoking are not permitted in the pit area however you are welcome to browse the cars and talk to the drivers during the events. Be aware that some cars may have limited visibility in this area and it is always up to you to give way to the cars. There are drinks and food available at the food caravan during all meetings. Come along and enjoy or compete, DO NOT SPEED in the pit area as there is often people walking about and may not hear you!

Street cars are welcome at all car meetings unless stated so come and burn some rubber and smoke em up while getting some speeding tickets without hurting your wallet or licence. What will it do in the quarter? Now is your chance to show off your ride and earn that respect by doing it legally Off street drag racing in a controlled environment.
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